Katrina – Only promises a year later

This post was written by marc on August 28, 2006
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

It’s been one year since Bush let New Orleans drown and emergency trailers are still not yet delivered and people are just left with nothing. During this same period the oil companies have got another 14 billion in subsidies, the super rich got more tax breaks. and Congress raised it’s pay. The only thing people got from the insurance companies was a rate increase. The gulf coast states voted for Bush so the lesson to be learned is that if you elect an incompetent president then you get incompetence.

Of course I feel sorry for those who voted for Kerry who lived in New Orleans but to some extent when you elect stupid people, and that includes Ray Negan, then you get the government you elect.

Years before the hurricane I’d seen several specials on what could happen to New Orleans if the right hurricane hit so even I was familiar with it. So there is was with many days worth of warning and they all just sat there and did nothing. Everyone knew the canals and levies had problems and did nothing. When the storm came they just sat there like morons.

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