Now we have two perverts in the news

This post was written by marc on August 29, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

Now that JonBennet Ramsey’s murder suspect John Mark Karr has been determined to be some nut case who made a fake confession to get attention, I’m trying to figure out what is more perverted. Was it Karr’s obsession with young girls or is it the media’s obsession with perverts? The journalists are supposed to be the “normal people” but they were more obsessed than he was. Now they caught polygamist Warren Jeffs so now the news media has a new pervert to obsess on. With two perverts in the news we may never know how the war in Iraq turns out.

What ever happened to the good old days when news was news and the tabloids covered the perverts?

I mean – Jesus! Media obsession on sex scares me. Journalists seem far more obcessed than the stalkers do. Yeah the perps are creazy but watch the journalists covering them. Talk about people who have problems.

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