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This post was written by marc on August 30, 2006
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You would think that a company as big as Comcast could run an email server correctly but they can’t. Even simple things that any network engineer knows is beyond their ability to comprhend. And there’s no way to get feedback to the as their support staff is hidden and unresponsive. Which probably explains why they are unaware that they have severe email problem.

So – maybe by posting on my blog the message will eventually get to them and they can fix their problems.

If you are a Comcast customer and wondering why your email isn’t being delivered, it might have to do with the fact that Comcast’s mail servers are severely misconfigured. The main problem they have is that the reverse DNS lookup on their servers have an IP mismatch between what host they say they are and what the host name resolves to. When the server reverse DNS is looked up it returns a name. When the name is looked up it resolves to a different IP. What does the mean? it means the reverse DNS has failed.

So – if you are a Comcast employee or customer or stockholder – or have any Comcast commections – please tell them to FIX THEIR EMAIL SERVERS. I’m getting tired of having to take the blame for Comcast email not reaching my servers.

Reader Comments

Repeatedly the servers are down.
Technicians have no training or knowledge of Macs. However, Comcast uses Macs in almost every ad – very misleading!

Their best answer, “You should call your email provider.”
My answer, “Comcast is my email provider and why I called to have this resolved?”

I also love their most common answer, “NO” or “That is our policy.” or “We don’t support that” Do they support anything?

Written By Michele Peterson on September 21st, 2006 @ 4:56 pm

Comcast is run by robots.

No one is at home.

The “webmaster” has no clue.

I have tried to help.

They are not worth saving.

If anyone at Comcast is caught caring about a customer, they are fired.

I was told by their sevice reps that the reason their service was so bad was because “There were sun spots”.

When I pointed out that is was midnight (not a great time for sunspots), they asked me if I was a scientist.

When I said: “Yes!”, they hung up.

Comcast is run by morons.

If they do not hire someone that has a functioning brain, they will go the way of AOHell, and the dinasours.


Written By Terry Ruby on December 19th, 2006 @ 7:18 pm

Comcast Mail,
I am again disturbed by problems with our address book for email. When we were switched from Adelphia to Comcast, the address book came through with every address listed in duplicate. I carefully went through and checked every duplicate only and clicked “delete” – only to find the entire address book had been deleted. Having exported my Adelphia address book to Outlook prior to the switch to comcast, I tried importing that to the Comcast address book but it didn’t work.
I contacted your tech support and spent a lot of time only to be told that address book was somehow flawed and I would have to re-enter all individually by hand – obviously a major inconvenience to me. However, I had no choice if I wanted an address book so we did that.
Today, I tried to send an email with a “CC” to myself and was told my address wasn’t in the book! On checking, I found at least 1/3 if not 1/2 of my address book gone – addresses skip from “H” to “L”. Neither of us has deleted any addresses ever since at least a month ago.
“Service” we’ve had from Comcast has, at best, been very mediocre and frequently very bad. I installed a new computer on our LAN and the same home page never comes up twice in a row and requires changing it to what it should be.
If I am not able to get satisfactory answers as to why we have so much trouble with Comcast, we will change our Internet service as well as our TV service to a company that will provide better quality service.

This is what our address book looks like today – it was complete yesterday –

Written By OTIS KING on April 11th, 2007 @ 12:02 pm

Comcast uses unfair sales practices, by refusing to provide HDTV channels to its customers, other than as a complement to their analog “Expanded Basic” package, which is an additional $51.99/month. This is ridiculous, because if you have an HDTV, you want to watch HD, if you have the HD channel, why would you also want the inferior quality analog channel ? You DO NOT need the same channel in high-def. and analog !
Additionaly, a $5 charge appeared on my monthly bill for an HD converter box without any notice, which is supposed to be provided with my “Digital Prefered Pkg” service, which they claimed they had sent a letter in regard to.
Also, I recently added a second (std., non-HD) converter box for a bedroom TV and their price list show this as $3.95/mo, but they are billing me at $5.99/mo. When I phoned, I was told thats the way they do it. Is this not false advertising ?

The practise of grouping HDTV channels with their analog channel (i.e. a free HD channel when the analog channel is purchased in an Expenseive pkg.) is a pyramid-like, manipulative scheme inflating customers bills. This should NOT be premitted ! Digital channels can be very easily activated one-by-one allowing the cable provider to sell them on an “ala carte” or HDTV package basis !
Why do they bill customers at rates other than on their price list ?
Why is there a charge for an HD converter box, which is substantially the same cost to Comcast as the non-Hd converter box ? I believe this is the surcharge they attempted to add once before to provide revenue to increase channel capacity, which is not sufficient in our area, to compete with the fall launch of Verizon FIOS TV service in this area.

Go FIOS Go !!!! True QAM ! 20 db hot ! 🙂

Written By john m. on June 9th, 2007 @ 12:42 pm

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