Republican Pedophile in charge of Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus

Letter to the Editor Isn’t it wonderful? The Republicans put a pedophile, Florida representative Mark Foley, in charge of the Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus. Apparently the Republican leadership knew about it for a year but chose to cover it up. Republicans blocked a real investigation of the incident and of course no criminal investigations […]

Today I burn the Flag!

Letter to the Editor Today is a sad day for America. The House and the Senate have given Bush the power of Adolf Hitler by legalizing Bush’s concentration camps where Americans will be tortured for anything the government wants. In a few years these same senators will be claiming that “I had no idea that […]

What does the National Intelligence Report Mean

Letter to the Editor Republicans and Democrats are fighting over the meaning of the National Intelligence report. Democrats point out that it concludes that the war in Iraq has inflamed our enemies hatred and that terrorism has increased. Republicans however point out that pulling out of Iraq would show American weakness and embolden the terrorists. […]

Was McCain really a POW?

Letter to the Editor When I went to school they taught us that Washington chopped down the cherry tree saying “I can not tell a lie”. We also were told that Lincoln walked 10 miles to pay back a penny. Both stories are just political fables. Now we are told that John McCain was a […]

Bin Laden is not Dead!

This story is as credilble as the guy who supposedly killed the Ramsey girl. Every network every 3 minutes and it’s a non story. The media are all idiots. Just sheep following the herd.

Atheist Church Challenges Theists on Morality of Torture

The Church of Reality today has issued an edict challenging other religions to speak out against the Bush administration plan to legalize torture in the United States. The Church of Reality is a church based on believing in everything that is real and does not recognize the existence of any deities. In this edict the […]

McCain sells out on Torture

Letter to the Editor John McCain has caved into Bush yet again on the only issue that people thought still had meaning for him. McCain who was a prisoner of war has now caved into Bush’s plan to allow the CIA to torture prisoners in secret prisons in countries that allow torture. The Republicans think […]

The Politics of Standing up to Bush

Letter to the Editor People have been wondering why the Republicans poll numbers are going up lately. Is it that Bush has become more popular? Does the public like the idea of American’s setting up secret torture camps? I don’t think so. The reason Republicans are doing well lately is that they are finally standing […]

Bush uses weasel words to conceal the truth

Letter to the Editor Bush uses weasel words to conceal what he really means. When Bush talks about “The Program” he means secret torture camps. When he says that he doesn’t understand what the Geneva Conventions mean, it mean he does understand them and that torture is illegal. When has asks for “clarification” he really […]

Republicans aren’t what they used to be

Letter to the Editor It seems that today’s Republicans are a different party than they used to be. Republicans used to be the party of small government and keeping the government out of people’s private business. Now Republicans want the government to tap you phone calls, trace your money, and watch everything you do. I […]

Tuesday’s Elections Resonate Anti-Bush Sentiment

Letter to the Editor Tuesday’s elections were both good news and bad news for Republicans. The good news is that GOP incumbent Lincoln Chafee won the primary election. The bad news is that he is an anti-war and anti-Bush senator. Last month Senator Joe Lieberman, a pro war Democrat who was photographed kissing President Bush, […]

Bush is losing the war on terror

Letter to the Editor Bush admits that Saddam Hussein was not behind the 9/11 attack, yet he uses 9/11 to try to justify his failed war in Iraq. Iraq had no terrorists until Bush created a place where terrorism can flourish. Why should they attack us over here when they ca beat us in their […]

Path to 9/11 will cost ABC bigtime

Letter to the Editor I don’t think ABC News really appreciates how offensive their 9/11 “docudrama” is to many of its viewers. This is far more than just a “controversial” position. The movie “Path to 9/11” is really a fraud on the public. The movie was directed by the son of the founder of an […]

Bush / CIA behind ABC’s Path to 9/11 Movie?

Is Bush and the CIA behind the controversial ABC News documentary “The Path to 9/11” which blames Clinton for the 9/11 attack? It looks like it might be. ABC has all but admitted the movie is a lie but is calling it a “docudrama” with the emphasis on “drama” implying that the word means that […]

Bush endorses torture and he must be stopped

Letter to the Editor US President Bush today admitted today that the United States used secret prisons run by the CIA to torture prisoners, and Bush said that he was going to keep on doing it. Although Bush says the the United States does not torture, he also has his own definition of torture and […]

Gas prices ahead of Election

Letter to the Editor Just a month ago British Petroleum announced that it was going to shut down the Prudhoe Bay oil fields because of leaks in its oil pipelines. Experts were predicting gas prices to rise to above $4.00 a gallon in western states. But with the election just 60 days away all of […]