Bush uses weasel words to conceal the truth

This post was written by marc on September 15, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

Bush uses weasel words to conceal what he really means. When Bush talks about “The Program” he means
secret torture camps. When he says that he doesn’t understand what the Geneva Conventions mean, it
mean he does understand them and that torture is illegal. When has asks for “clarification” he really
means redefinition of the word torture so as to pretend that torture is somehow legal. He says that
he doesn’t want CIA professionals to be tried as international war criminals, but I think that he is
the one who is worried about being tried as a war criminal because he clearly understands that secret
torture camps violate international law.

Last time Bush tried to redefine torture it lead to Abu Ghraib prison where Americans were torturing
people and got caught. As a result they started chopping people heads off. Now Bush wants us to make
the same mistake again. Bush wants America to become barbarians. You don’t defeat barbarians by
becoming one yourself. But that’s not who we are and I urge people to call their Republican
representatives and tell them that Colin Powell and John McCain are right, torture camps are wrong.

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