McCain sells out on Torture

This post was written by marc on September 21, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

John McCain has caved into Bush yet again on the only issue that people thought still had meaning for him. McCain who was a prisoner of war has now caved into Bush’s plan to allow the CIA to torture prisoners in secret prisons in countries that allow torture. The Republicans think that if you tamper with the definition of torture then it makes it not torture. However – if Bush doesn’t intend to torture then why do you need secret prisons in countries that allow torture in order to do it?

I don’t know about anyone else but I am more troubled by Americans lowering our standards to the same level as Islamic Terrorists. There is now no moral difference between us and them. We are both a society of barbarians who practice the methods of Hitler in the way we treat people. This isn’t going to save any American lives. It’s going to cost American lives because more people around the world we hate Americans for our barbarism. This is so outrageous that it will even cause Americans to hate Americans. This is no longer my country anymore. The America I remember would never legalize torture.

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