Was McCain really a POW?

This post was written by marc on September 24, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

When I went to school they taught us that Washington chopped down the cherry tree saying “I can not tell a lie”. We also were told that Lincoln walked 10 miles to pay back a penny. Both stories are just political fables. Now we are told that John McCain was a tortured POW and riding a bus called the “Straight Talk Express”. But I’m beginning to wonder about McCain’s history as a POW in light of him caving into Bush allowing Bush to keep torturing prisoners in secret foreign torture camps. I think McCain’s story is also a fable.

McCain is the son of an admiral and it is known that he got special treatment when he was supposedly held in North Vietnam as a POW. I think that maybe McCain either wasn’t really tortured like the real troops were because if he were he wouldn’t have caved in to let Bush do the same sort of thing that the Commies did to us.

Any senator who supports legalized torture is committing treason to the Constitution and undermines everything America stands for. America is not a country of barbarians and people like John McCain who tells fables about his war experience and pretends to be truthful should be recaptured by an enemy and treated under the same laws that he proposes the Senate pass. Torture is an evil practice and America should not embrace it.

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Marc: Obviously you are wrong about what we as americans are. We do torture. We are barbarians.

It started with the indian wars and has continued. General Crook said “kill them all they breed like rats.” This mantra is the motto for what we as Americans do in the world today. The fact is that the torture bill did pass and by and threw our representatives we have made ourselves the barbarians. We have lowered ourselves to the lowest form of human life. It is time for us to wake up and read the writing on the wall. We have met the terrorist and it is us.

In a democracy we are not allowed the luxery of stating that the government does not represent me. The fact is no matter how hard we fight against the oppressive power of a rogue government that government is still us. We are the only public on the face of this planet that can bring our rogue government under control. It is the American’s responsiblity and if the American’s do not step up and control this rogue government then we can not stand aside and claim a lack of responsiblity. the Constitution gave us this responsiblity. Our codes, statutes, and policies guarantee that the people control and determine the actions of our government. there are many excuses, but no excuse absolves us of the guilt of our government actions.

The torture that has been used by our government and is continuing to be used with the blessing of congress defines what American is. Isn’t it time to move past denial of what we are, and move to exceptance? Then and only then will we change this nation.

Lee Martin

Written By lee martin on September 25th, 2006 @ 2:27 am

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