Today I burn the Flag!

This post was written by marc on September 28, 2006
Posted Under: Bush

Letter to the Editor

Today is a sad day for America. The House and the Senate have given Bush the power of Adolf Hitler by legalizing Bush’s concentration camps where Americans will be tortured for anything the government wants. In a few years these same senators will be claiming that “I had no idea that Bush would abuse this power when we authorized Bush to set up torture camps” the same way they are presently claiming they had no idea what Bush was going to do when they authorized him to start a war with Iraq. And people will act surprised when America’s allies distance themselves even more from us. I can no longer identify myself as an American. We are like Iraq. We are occupied by the enemies of freedom. We are the Nazis of the 21st century.


Lieberman voted to give Bush Nazi powers. Imagine a Jew voting to allow Hitler to open concentration camps. McCain was supposedly a POW and he is such a pussy he sold out.

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