Maybe the Foley Scandal Helps Republicans?

This post was written by marc on October 3, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

Many Republicans are worried the congressman Mark Foley’s gay sex scandal with underage boys will hurt Republican’s in this year’s elections. But it may end up helping them because it draws attention away from all the other scandals that might affect the election even more.

For example, the Foley scandal distracts the attention that just last week congress passed a law allowing Bush to set up a network of secret prison torture camps. Or that they passed a 700 mile fence on the Mexican border but didn’t allocate the money to build it. It also distracts from the National Intelligence Estimate saying that the war in Iraq is making terrorism worse. Or that Osama bin Laden is still free. Or that Iraq is in a civil war. Or that 3000 soldiers died in Iraq for nothing. Or that we are now losing the war in Afghanistan too. Or the Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay scandals. Or of hurricane Katrina scandals. Or that the national debt is about to exceed 10 trillion dollars. Or the Abu Ghraib scandal. And there’s Haliburton no bid contracts, global warming, the failed war in Lebanon, failed diplomacy with Iran and North Korea, ignoring the Geneva Conventions, the United Nations, and the Anti-ballistic treaty, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, warrantless wire tapping of our phone conversations, no weapons of mass destruction, and Bob Woodward’s latest book “State of Denial”.

So although this sex scandal is bad for Republicans, it isn’t nearly as bad as all the other scandals. Besides Clinton won with a sex scandal. I think Republicans are better off dealing with a sex scandal than dealing with a record of failure.

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