Republicans distance themselves from Foley but not his Money

This post was written by marc on October 4, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

We are now finding out that a huge number of Republicans knew about former congressman Mark Foley’s problems with trying to have sex with underage boys. Foley was co-chairman of the Exploited Children Caucus. However everyone’s memories are fuzzy and by amazing coincidences no one did anything about it until Mr. Foley was busted by the news media. Mr. Foley raised a lot of money for the Republicans, some 2 million dollars or so. A Republican staff member who resigned today offered to bribe ABC News with an exclusive if they kept the truth from the public regarding the details of what Foley did.

Now the Republicans are all shocked and surprised by these revelations claiming that they knew nothing about it. Republican’s claim to be the party of family values. They put the safety of children ahead of money. Some people might think that Foley’s money has led to Republican’s looking the other way. Republicans of course deny they would put money ahead of the safety of children. But the Republicans are keeping Foley’s money.

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