Republicans Drifting Sideways on Iraq Occupation

This post was written by marc on October 6, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

Republican Senator John Warner seems to be drifting sideways on the Iraq war issue casting doubt as to if the Republicans are going to be able to cover up the fact that America have lost the war in Iraq until after the election. John Warner becomes the latest Republican to show signs that he is finally waking up to the same conclusion that many generals, the National Intelligence Estimate, and the majority of America has already figured out. Iraq was a mistake, it is making things worse, we have accomplished less than nothing, and the longer we stay the course the worse it gets.

“It seems to me the situation is simply drifting sideways.” says Senator Warner, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. If the Iraqi government can’t function effectively after several months, Warner said, “It’s the responsibility of our government to determine is there a change in course we should take. I wouldn’t take any option off the table at this time.”

Clearly Republicans are trying protect the illusion of unity before the elections but the shear volume of failure is to great to conceal. We don’t need another 60 to 90 days to figure out what is going on in Iraq as Mr. Warner suggests. Why wait till after the election to figure out what we all already know? Let’s do as Nancy Pelosi suggests and “drain the swamp”. Get the Republicans out of there, end the cover up, and take a fresh look at what’s really going on.

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