Republicans are hiding Foley

Letter to the Editor Just after Republican Mark Foley was caught trying to have sex with young boys he checked himself into an alcohol rehab center supposedly to treat alcoholism even though he’s not an alcoholic. What Foley is really doing is hiding out till after the election. He’s avoiding the FBI and congressional inquiries […]

Why is the GOP behind?

Letter to the Editor People have different opinions as to why Republicans are trailing in the polls this election season. Some say it’s because of the Foley scandal. That’s because Evangelicals took credit for electing Republicans they are now taking the blame for what the Republicans did. Putting a gay congressman in charge of the […]

Congress needs your Punishment

Letter to the Editor America is a democracy where we elect people to represent us and make decisions that are in the best interest of our nation. It is part of our duty as citizens to make sure that they are doing a good job and looking out for the welfare of the people. If […]