Why is the GOP behind?

This post was written by marc on October 11, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

People have different opinions as to why Republicans are trailing in the polls this election season. Some say it’s because of the Foley scandal. That’s because Evangelicals took credit for electing Republicans they are now taking the blame for what the Republicans did. Putting a gay congressman in charge of the exploited children caucus who is trying to exploit children isn’t what Evangelicals want on their list of political accomplishments.

However others think it’s not just the Foley cover up that is sinking the GOP. Every day hundreds of new bodies are discovered in Iraq and more of our soldiers come home in a box from a war that has made America weaker and headed for defeat. Others think it’s fiscal conservatives who see America going from a surplus from the Clinton years to a national debt on track to top 10 trillion dollars before the end of the Bush presidency. Libertarians and small government conservatives have a problem with the government tapping our phones without a warrant and the idea that we have to give up being free to be free. Many Jews are uncomfortable with the legalization of secret torture camps which cause them to wonder if this is a step to the return to Nazi style Concentration Camps.

Then there’s the general population that are just tired of Bush’s bad judgment. He ignored the warnings before 9-11. Then there was “Mission Accomplished” and “Bring ’em on!”, hurricane Katrina, gas prices are double even with the temporary election season price dip. Republicans have managed to offend everyone except the super rich who still get huge tax cut even though we are supposedly fighting 2 wars. So even though the Foley scandal is huge for Republicans, it’s just the latest scandal in a long record of failure after failure. America is just tired of heading in the wrong direction.

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