Evangelicals sell out to the GOP

This post was written by marc on October 13, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

The new book “Tempting Faiths” claims that Republicans are just using Evangelicals for political purposes, mocking them behind their backs. But the relationship between Evangelicals and Republicans is far more complicated that that. Evangelicals claim to be a mighty political force and demanded Republicans support honor their demands. Republicans responded not because the believed but because they saw an opportunity to take advantage of them. And thus formed an unholy alliance.

But Evangelicals can not claim they were the victim here. One of the reasons Bush set up his office of Faith Based Initiatives was to funnel huge amounts of government money to churches conditionally based on the efforts of churches to turn out Republican voters. Evangelicals understood that in taking the money they were selling out their faith to the Republican party for money and the illusion of power. If Evangelicals fail to actively support Republicans then all that government money that they are now dependent on goes away.

As they say in the Bible, “no one can server two masters”. Billy Graham figured that out in the 1970s when Nixon tried to cozy up to him. Now Evangelicals are faced with this choice between following Jesus or Carl Rove. It seems like an easy choice except in order to follow Jesus you have to give up the money. When Judas took the money he had to give up Jesus.

I personally am an Atheist and when I see Evangelicals selling out their faith for money it just proves to me that there’s nothing there. If Evangelicals truly had a personal relationship with God then they wouldn’t sell out. If Evangelicals don’t value what they preach then why should I?

With Evangelicals it’s all about the money. They rake in millions in faith based money and now Republicans are above sin. If Clinton has bribed Evangelicals then Monica wouldn’t have been a problem.

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