Message to the World – Watch America’s Elections

This post was written by marc on October 17, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

Some people here in America think that Bush is going to find a way to postpone American elections scheduled for November 7th. It is looking like he is going to lose control of our Congress and that he might be impeached. Knowing what’s coming the current regime might choose to attempt to hold on to power no matter what is lawful.

As an American I am asking the world to pay close attention to us and see if our elections occur and are fair. We have electronic voting machines that the Republicans have rigged to make Republicans win. bush might also fake an attack as an excuse to suspend elections under emergency powers. We the people of the United States need to restore a ligitimate government and stop being a threat to the rest of the world. We ask that humanity help us restore sanity to our nation.

Reader Comments

I certainly hope you’re in the majority because the World has pretty much lost hope for America and unless you rise and march in your thousands, and storm the White House even, I doubt anyone outside the US will bother!

As many people as possible must volunteer behind the Democrats in the next campaign, even those who have never participated before must make a special exception on this occasion for the sake of America and subsequently for the World even.

You can be sure that a lot of us in Europe will be campaigning over the net in every way we can but unless people get out there onto the streets in the US and convince Mr Average to stop believing in Bush ideologies there’s only so much we can do from a distance. As for foreign inspectors it’s up to the Democrats to request/demand foreign monitoring. You might want to push the Democrats to prioritize that on their to-do list.

Written By marios polycarpou on October 23rd, 2006 @ 3:57 pm

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