Laura Bush takes a cheap shot

This post was written by marc on November 1, 2006
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Laura Bush accused Michael J. Fox of “manipulating feelings” by using his Parkinson’s Disease to promote stem cell research. She is implying that people like Fox are faking it for political purposes. Just like Christopher Reed was faking being a quadraphonics when he was promoting stem cell research. My sister has been a diabetic for 40 years and I’m beginning to wonder if she might have been faking it for political purposes too.

The stem cell issue is a fake issue put out there to sucker gullible evangelicals into feeling good about themselves and give them another fake cause to keep them occupied. But the price of their moral masturbation is that it denies valuable medical research for the rest of us. My sister might not get a cure for Diabetes in her lifetime because Laura Bush is using step cells in a cheap political ploy. I want to encourage people to vote for stem cells, for Michale J. Fox, Christopher Reed, and for my sister who really is not faking Diabetes.

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