Well, I voted – I think

This post was written by marc on November 7, 2006
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At least I have the illusion of voting. Lat election we had optical scan pater ballots where you connected lines on a paper ballot and fed them into a machine that scanned the ballot and stored it securely. I’m in San Mateo county in California. Poll location is:

Bethany Presbyterian Church
Church Hall
2400 Rosewood Dr
San Bruno, CA

But this time it was different. There were paper ballots but no optical scan machine and a single electronic voting machine that was out in the open and had a person – an old lady – helping to work it for you. In front of the machine was an old lady voting who was totally confused and complaining that she didn’t understand how to work it.

The paper ballot seemed simple enough but after voting I was supposed to drop it in a plastic unsecured box that anyone can open and replace the ballots with whatever they want.

I used to live in Missouri and they had punch paper ballots. After voting you dropped the ballot into a big steel box with a lock on it. That at least gives you the illusion that it was sealed until it made it to the county clerk’s office where it would be opened. But today I have no idea who might remove my ballot and replace it with something else. Although the old ladies at the polls don’t look like crooks I have no idea who will pick up the ballots and if they can be trusted.

I live in a Democrat area so I’m not that worried about republicans but there are several ballot measures that include massive spending and borrowing that would benefit local officials. I don’t know that they might rig the election to pass those measures.

Is it too much to ask that a paper ballot be put into a locked box? I don’t think so. An insecure election is an unfair election and voting on an insecure machine is not voting at all.

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