Who won the election? The People!

This post was written by marc on November 10, 2006
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Did the Democrats win the election or did the Republicans lose? Is the country moving to the left or right? I think the true winners of the election were the People. The People voted for reality and against failure. The People are sending the Government a message that we want real results in the real world. We aren’t going to take failure and corruption anymore.

If the Democrats are going to hold power they are going to have to take Congress in a new direction. They need to resist taking bribes from the special interests and start producing results for the People. Same message to the Republicans. Republicans have to work with the Democrats and run on a record of accomplishment and make a clean break with their corrupt past. Any elected official who does not get the People’s message will have to face the voters in 2008. In 2008 they better be arguing about how to spend the surplus and not who is to blame for the deficit. If Congress comes up empty handed they will face the meat grinder as the voters give them the boot.

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