Republicans still don’t get it

This post was written by marc on December 5, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

Even after the landslide election last month Republicans still don’t get it. Newt Gingrich is proposing what I would call “supervised free speech” as a dinner in honor of the First Amendment. Republicans are still using Bush logic. They think that freedom is giving up your freedom to the government. They think that peace can only be achieved through war without end. They think fiscal responsibility is spending like there’s no tomorrow. They shred the constitution and call it patriotism.

Republicans have no chance of winning in 2008 for the same reason they lost in 2006. That reason – George W Bush. If the voters don’t like Bush now they definitely won’t like him 2 years from now. So Republican will either have to embrace Bush and go down with him, or try to be more against Bush than the Democrats are. Quite frankly if I were a Republican up for election in two years I’d switch parties now because the Republicans are stuck with Bush and he’s going to bring them down again.

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