Iraq – It’s Over! We lost!

Letter to the Editor For those who haven’t figured it out yet the Iraq war is over and we have lost it. Now we have to figure out how to get out of there and make the best of what we have left. The Congress has a choice to make now. Are we going to […]

God by definition can not be proven by science

Follow this logic: God is by definition supernatural. To be supernatural you must be outside of the natural world. Supernatural and Natural are mutually exclusive. Anything that can be scientifically proven is part of the natural world. Therefore anything supernatural can not be scientifically proven. Therefore God can not be scientifically proven. Therefore any scientific […]

Reality is in – Faith is out

Letter to the Editor After six years of faith based government reality is making a comeback. For the last six years we were expected to blindly follow the government and do whatever Bush wants. It was a Crusade against terrorism that was really a proxy war of Christians vs. Islam to determine which religion has […]