Reality is in – Faith is out

This post was written by marc on December 6, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

After six years of faith based government reality is making a comeback. For the last six years we were expected to blindly follow the government and do whatever Bush wants. It was a Crusade against terrorism that was really a proxy war of Christians vs. Islam to determine which religion has the stronger fictional deity. Americans being asked to surrender their freedom in the name of freedom and to surrender their liberty in the name of liberty.

Bush declared that he was above the law and whenever he broke the law Congress would try to change the law to make it legal. Bush brought back torture from the middle ages with people being kidnapped and hauled off to a network of secret prisons. To question any of this was blasphemy. Money was being spent like there was no tomorrow as if our acts didn’t matter because Jesus was coming back and the world was soon to end. And if we all believe it hard enough then it would come to pass.

Now faith is out and reality is back. Now people want to find real solutions that really work. When the new Secretary of Defense said that we were not winning the war in Iraq the Armed Services Committee all voted for him. Now people want real solutions to real problems. Every time faith puts us on the path of extinction America turns back to reality to restore our strength. That’s because reality works. Reality changed my life. It can change your’s too. Make reality part of your life today.

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