Tony Perkins and Bush Ploy to stack the Supreme Court

This post was written by marc on December 8, 2006
Posted Under: Religion

Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council has been plotting with Bush as to how to rig the Supreme Court and bypass the Democratic Controlled Senate? How is he going to do it? That’s a mystery. By if you listen to this audio clip you’ll hear Tony Perkins talking about that he is in contact with the Whitehouse and has talked to Bush and that he is concerned about the Democrats in the Senate blocking him. But, Tont goes on to say, “The is a way around that”, that they are looking into and that it’s going to be a “major major fight”. Seek to 24 minutes in to the clip.

Additionally the FRC is dumping their exclusive relationship with Republicans. They are currently “praying about it.”, waiting for God to give then the go ahead to get in bed with the Dems.

So – the question is – what’s the trick. I want to know what he means by “a way around that”. What is that all about? Is there a Christuan Coop in the works to take the Supreme Court by deceptions and trickery? What are evangelicals plotting this time?

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