Does anyone believe Bush?

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting that what’s coming out of the Scooter Libby trial We’re seeing how the Bush administration lied to us about the reasons for the war with Iraq. It was a deliberate fabrication. At the same time this is coming out Bush is fabricating a new war with Iran. The militias […]

I agree with McCain

Letter to the Editor There’s apparently one thing that John McCain and I have in common. We both had a hard time staying awake during Bush’s State of the Union address.

Buy one, get one free

Letter to the Editor Back in 1992 when Bill Clinton ran for president he talked about his wife Hillary saying that she was an outstanding partner. He talked about his run in terms of “Buy one, get one free”, meaning that you’re getting two for one. Now that Hillary is running for president she too […]

Liberal Voting Pays Off

Letter to the Editor For those of you who are wondering if you vote makes a difference or if you wonder if it makes a difference who you vote for, these questions have been answered. Yes – it does. In just a few days Nancy Pelosi has accomplished more that the Republican controlled congress did […]

2008 Election Prediction

Letter to the Editor A lot of people are talking about what the 2008 election will be like. Who will the contenders be? I’m predicting it will be Clinton/Edwards vs. McCain/Lieberman. If I’m right, you heard it here first.

KSFO says Spocko is trying to shut them down?

Kind of interesting listing to right wing radio KSFO as the claim that the web site Spocko’s Brian is trying to shut them down and how they stand for free speech. But the reality is that I’m hosting Spocko’s Brian because lawyers for Disney, the owners of KSFO sent threatening letters and actually did shut […]

Republican future tied to Bush

Letter to the Editor Republican party is linked to Bush’s success in Iraq. Bush wants to escalate the Iraq war and Republican are faced with the dilemma of siding with Bush and hoping his plan works or joining the Democrats in opposing it. Those who join Bush risk sharing the blame two years from now […]

Bush is stalling for time – again

Letter to the Editor Bush is just stalling for time so that he he can put off defeat of his war on the next president. This war was a bad idea and we lost it. It’s over. Let us not stay 10 more years like we did in Vietnam after we have lost before we […]

Should troops die to cover for Bush?

Letter to the Editor Why should soldiers die to cover up for Bush? This is Bush’s war and Bush’s failure. Now Bush wants to escalate the war so that he can push off the blame for defeat onto the next president. Adding more troops just gives the Iraqis more bodies to shoot at. Soldiers who […]

Spocko’s Brain Back Online

After the web site Spocko’s Brain was shut down last week because the hosting company 1an1 got threats from Disney lawyers. A number of people contacted me about hosting it. I’m not easily intimidated by lawyers so I did it. Spocko is now hosted at Computer Tyme Hosting and it’s here to stay. I hast […]

Republicans Under Estimate Nancy Pelosi

Letter to the Editor Republicans who under estimate the new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi do so at their own peril. Nancy is a lot sharper than your average Democrat and she is only in politics for one reason, to make America a better place. She is independently wealthy and doesn’t have any favors […]