Republican future tied to Bush

This post was written by marc on January 11, 2007
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Republican party is linked to Bush’s success in Iraq. Bush wants to escalate the Iraq war and Republican are faced with the dilemma of siding with Bush and hoping his plan works or joining the Democrats in opposing it. Those who join Bush risk sharing the blame two years from now if Bush’s plan fails.

So – will Bush succeed in sending in more troops? Not likely. He made the decision in spite of the fact that it is the opposite of what the Iraq Study Group and the military experts are advising him to do. He had to fire top generals who disagreed with him and bring in a navy admiral with no Iraq experience to support his position. Again Bush makes up his mind and then finds “yes men” to support him. So the Republicans who are betting on him being right are taking a really big gamble by going all in on a proven loser. So I think in the long run the Republicans are the ones who will hate Bush the most.

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