KSFO says Spocko is trying to shut them down?

This post was written by marc on January 12, 2007
Posted Under: The Legitimate News Media

Kind of interesting listing to right wing radio KSFO as the claim that the web site Spocko’s Brian is trying to shut them down and how they stand for free speech. But the reality is that I’m hosting Spocko’s Brian because lawyers for Disney, the owners of KSFO sent threatening letters and actually did shut down Spocko. But you won’t hear about that on KSFO. When asked about the Disney lawyers shutting down Spocko’s free speech they don’t want to talk about that.

One interesting point. I heard them read a statement from Spocko’s blog on the air. The read Spocko’s copyright content. If you apply the same standards of copyright infringement that they are claiming then they have violated Spocko’s copyright. But it’s not a copyright violation because of fair use laws. Just like it’s not a violation of Spocko to use their stuff because of fair use laws.

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