2008 Election Prediction

This post was written by marc on January 15, 2007
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Letter to the Editor

A lot of people are talking about what the 2008 election will be like. Who will the contenders be? I’m predicting it will be Clinton/Edwards vs. McCain/Lieberman. If I’m right, you heard it here first.

Reader Comments

I think somebody should pass a law saying that potential presidential candidates can’t start campaigning and collecting money until the year of the election. We have a year and a half until the election and the constant news stories about “so-and-so” being ahead in the campaign race are annoying the living crap out of me. When the time comes to elect one of these shmos (or shmo-ette) we will hate them so much and be so fed up with their campaigns that the last thing we will want is for them to be president.

I predict we will hate the “popular” candidates so much at election time that a dark horse will come from nowhere and win it walking away. They’ll be counting the votes election night and the newscasters will say, “And the new President of the United States is…who the hell is that?”

Written By Reason on April 10th, 2007 @ 4:53 pm

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