Am I on Microsoft’s Enemies List?

A blast from the past. It appears that in February of 1992 I was on Microsoft’s enemies list. Apparently Microsoft was trying to keep information about MsDOS and Windows 3.1 out of my hands. Someone emailed me this document from the Comes v. Microsoft trial. Trying to figure out what this means and get more […]

Public Servants must be loyal to the people

Letter to the Editor There is talk that Bush might order an illegal attack against Iran and there is also talk that several generals might refuse to cooperate with that plan. We are a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. That means that the people come first. Government workers are […]

Innocent of the Truth

Letter to the Editor A lot of people accuse President Bush of doing dishonest things. But I think if Bush were put on trial for telling the truth, he would be found – Innocent!

Reality is closing in on Bush

Letter to the Editor Our troop surge allow the British a window of opportunity to “cut and run” leaving Bush’s war for Bush to solve, and rightly so. This is Bush’s disaster and Bush and his right wing Republican backers need to own it. Are the soldiers over there fighting in vein? Is it a […]

Over There

Letter to the Editor Bush and the Republicans keep saying that “we have to fight them over there because if we withdraw they will follow us over here”. That’s as much of a lie as the lies that got us into this occupation in the first place. The truth is that being over there has […]

Reverend Ted Haggard cured of being Homosexual

Letter to the Editor Reverend Ted Haggard emerged for three weeks of treatment and announced that he’s been cured of being homosexual. What a miraculous event! Now he should go into treatment to be cured of being a lier, but if he gets cured of that his homosexual problem might come back. The big question […]

What great economy?

Letter to the Editor People in the news media are asking why Bush doesn’t get more credit for the economy. Maybe it’s because America went from the world’s biggest surplus under Clinton to the world’s biggest deficit under Bush. Maybe it’s because Bush ran the national debt up higher than all the presidents put together. […]

Peace is the right path

Letter to the Editor Those who refuse to learn from their mistakes are bound to keep paying the price when they do the same thing again. You would have thought we would have learned from Vietnam but the right wing has been arguing for war for the last 40 years. Now they have the power […]