Reality is closing in on Bush

This post was written by marc on February 21, 2007
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Letter to the Editor

Our troop surge allow the British a window of opportunity to “cut and run” leaving Bush’s war for Bush to solve, and rightly so. This is Bush’s disaster and Bush and his right wing Republican backers need to own it. Are the soldiers over there fighting in vein? Is it a lost cause? Is it a failure? Of course it is.

The only meaning that is going to come from these lives that are still being sacrificed for nothing is that it will be a message to future generations to refuse to die for the wrong cause. And it is also a lesson that teaches Americans that if we vote for Republicans and if we let Evangelicals use the military to fight a religious war then we have to pay a price. If we don’t rub their noses in heir defeat then those troops have truly died for nothing. Only by learning our lesson that this war was wrong can give this war any value at all.

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