Am I on Microsoft’s Enemies List?

This post was written by marc on February 28, 2007
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A blast from the past. It appears that in February of 1992 I was on Microsoft’s enemies list. Apparently Microsoft was trying to keep information about MsDOS and Windows 3.1 out of my hands. Someone emailed me this document from the Comes v. Microsoft trial. Trying to figure out what this means and get more information about it.

Here’s the Document.

Back in 1992 I was involved in a number of interesting projects. I had a software company called Computer Tyme Software and I was looking hard for undocumented API calls to that I could control more aspects of the operating system through the ment language I had developed. I had also met with Novell’s Ray Noorda and had written a proposal that Novell get into the desktop operating system market with a 32 bit Unix like DOS and I wrote a partial specification for this operating system and sent it to Novell.

Here’s the story on that.

Novell however, instead of working with me to develop this idea decided to screw me and went off and bought out Digital Research and bought Unix from AT&T and Wordperfect and managed to screw it all up and started Novell’s decline. Had Novell worked with me and taken a different course history would have been significantly different.

Little then I know then that my name appeared on secret confidential Microsoft documents as a person who should be denied information about DOS and Windows beta programs. I think this could turn out to be interesting. Love to find out more about this.

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