The American people will know who to hold responsible

Letter to the Editor Today Bush responded to the vote by the House and the Senate to pass emergency funding for the troops but to limit the length of the war. Bush said that he’s going t veto it saying, ” … the American people will know who to hold responsible.” I think that’s something […]

Mexicans are America’s new Niggers

Before black people gained the same legal status as whites they were treated as second class scum. They lived among us and although they weren’t officially slaves they did all the dirty work of society and were taken advantage of because of their unequal social status that was related to the color of their skin. […]

Let’s Question Gonzales and Rove in secret foreign prisons

Letter to the Editor The Bush administration and Attorney General Gonzales don’t want to testify to Congress under oath. Congress is ready to subpoena them to force them to testify. Bush threatens a constitutional showdown if they do. Can a compromise be reached? Is there a way that Gonzales and Rove can be questioned in […]

Will Impeachment save the Republican Party?

Letter to the Editor I’m glad to see Republican Senator Chuck Hagel bring up the idea that Bush should be impeached if Bush presses ahead with his failed policy on Iraq. Republicans might have to take a leadership position on impeachment getting rid of Bush before Bush gets rid of the Republican party. In 2006 […]

Bush thinks law doesn’t apply to him – again

Letter to the Editor It’s amazing that Bush again thinks he’s above the law and that he can decide if his people are going to testify to Congress under oath or not. It’s not his choice. The only question is if the Democrats are going to be intimidated by a fake threat. Suppose it were […]

How many more years of failure can we stand?

Letter to the Editor On the 4th anniversary of Bush’s war we have to ask ourselves how many more years will it take before we figure out that the war is lost? Will it be 5 years or 10 years? Yes it is true that if we pull out there will be a civil war […]

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses to everything

Letter to the Editor Apparently Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind behind the 9/11 has, after being tortured for several years, confessed to the 9/11 attacks, the murder of Daniel Pearl, plotted to kill Presidents Clinton and Carter, and Pope John Paul II. It just goes to show that torture works. That if you torture […]

Gonzales makes Mistakes?

Letter to the Editor Attorney General Gonzales concedes that he “made some mistakes” as if his firing of 8 prosecutors who refused to participate in Bush’s latest voter suppression scheme was some sort of simple error. Gonzales should go to jail for what he did but that’s not going to happen because he fired all […]

Why Gas Prices are going up Again

Letter to the Editor People are wondering why gas prices are going up again. Some think it’s supply and demand. Some think it’s oil refinery maintenance. Some say it’s because of China and India. But I think it’s none of those things. Last year was an election year and the gas companies lowered gas prices […]

Libby Guilty

Letter to the Editor It’s a shame the Scooter Libby was merely convicted of perjury instead of treason. Scooter Libby should be hung because he was a key figure in the web of lies that got America into this war. He is directly responsible for the deaths of over 3000 of our soldiers. Even if […]