Mexicans are America’s new Niggers

This post was written by marc on March 28, 2007
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Before black people gained the same legal status as whites they were treated as second class scum. They lived among us and although they weren’t officially slaves they did all the dirty work of society and were taken advantage of because of their unequal social status that was related to the color of their skin.

But now we have a new class of nigger, illegal aliens. This time it’s not about the color of their skin but the geographical location where they were born. If you were born on one side of a line on a map you have different rights that if you were born on the other side. So we use them as slaves just like we used to use black people. But I don’t think there any difference between color based slavery and geography based slavery. It’s the same thing.

So it pisses me off when fuckers like Lou Dobbs of CNN is on the air for an hour every single fucking day spreading CNN’s message that we need to hate these evil people just because of the location where they were born. It is the same as if CNN had existed in the 1950s and were ranting about the niggers wanting the same rights as white people.

So I ask, what did Lou Dobbs do to earn hist citizenship in America? Did he take a test? Did he go through some sort of long and expensive process that let him EARN his citizenship? No! He didn’t do one fucking thing!

So – let’s be fair about this. Let’s make being a citizen the same for everyone. Let’s have everyone take the same test. So if you can’t find Washington DC on a map then you get deported regardless of where you were born.

Treating people like slaves just because of the location where they were born is as wrong as treating people like slaves because of the color of their skin. It was wrong to do it to blacks and it is wrong to do it to Mexicans.

Reader Comments

Big difference… black Americans’ ancestors were dragged here in chains to work. Illegal aliens (of any color) are here in violation of law. Citizenship should be something of value and every third world person who can make his way here should not be my responsibility as a taxpayer. I’ve never seen Dobbs advocate violence against illegals and he observes accurately that our country is Broken, obviously, from top to bottom. Before taking on the exploding populations of stricken countries, we need to get our own house in order.

Written By TylerDurden on March 30th, 2007 @ 8:25 am

So, should people born in Asia be given U.S. citizenship and rights, too? After all, why should they be penalized for “the geographical location where they were born.”

You rarely make sense, but this is just plain absurd. I think you meant to say that our society takes advantage of illegal immigrants, and since we do so, we ought to grant them U.S. rights and privileges.

But the “geographical location where [people] were born” has deep and fundamental meaning to international law. It’s been the cornerstone of citizenship since man first formed nations. To suggest that citizens non-U.S. nations are “penalized” and should be given U.S. rights as an accomodation is quite absurd.

Think it through.

Written By Joe Fritz on March 30th, 2007 @ 1:54 pm

I think that anyone who is willing to come to America to work and contribute to the economy should not have to go through the hassel of waiting sometimes years to get a citizenship. Of course some illegal mexicans come here and join gangs, but most are extremly hard working and on average break the law less than US citizens.

Written By travis on April 10th, 2007 @ 10:23 am

“I don’t think there any difference between color based slavery and geography based slavery. It’s the same thing.”

I believe that’s where you started to go wrong. They are not the same, but maybe similar in the kind of way that a lime is to a seedless grapefruit.

I think it’s an overall valid idea that illegal US immigrants fill some of the lower class void left when blacks (mostly) gained equal status of whites. They are also likely to be exploited for labor in some of the same ways that blacks were after the slave era but before civil rights. For example, they are typically not paid as much as legal citizens.

But, they have not been forced to come here. This is very important. They came on their own, against our rules, and they refuse to leave. Their ancestors weren’t brought here and there is no psychological residue from a slave era that keeps them stuck in their place.

Written By Hector Garcia on April 11th, 2007 @ 10:40 am

I think that no matter what, mexicans should be given or have the right to become an american citizen when they enter this country. The living conditions are very poor in mexico and the government is too poor to change that situation. Dont hate these people because they were born in mexico, America is a place where everybody has come for a beter life, now think to yourself….did some of your ancestors come to this country in search of a better life? if they didnt, you would not be here to bash mexicans because thay want a better life. I think that giving citizinship to mexicans will solve all problems because id they are now american citizins, they will have all that responcibility that comes with it, like paying taxes and all the other things. So dont be so quick to judge these people that want a better life. I mean, if you were in their posotion, would you want better your life or stay in a struggle to survive?

Written By Paul on April 26th, 2007 @ 7:20 am

What is also important to note is that most people’s ancestors did not all come here legally, so I think were hypocrites when we use that argument “well my ancestors came here legally” because its a cop out. Everyone pictures Ellis Island in their heads when they think about early immigration, but most of their ancestors did not come here legally, most of them did what the Mexicans, Haitians, Cubans and all others that come over now do: they find someone with connections or they sneak in and hope for the best.

Written By Chris on May 13th, 2007 @ 10:27 pm

Um, chris. Who’s white european ancestors came here illegally? Not mine pal. There was no law,
no government, no structure when the settlers arrived. Our country is over 200 years old by those standards, and you can bet it won’t last that long once this immigration nightmare gets out of hand. I’ll bet your either a freeloading
new immigrant yourself, or a coddled liberal who
comes from a long line of dodgers, duckers, and lazy hippies. You’ll be the first white boy enslaved by the new brown power when it comes to that if your part of the latter. Me, mine have always been in charge and will stay in charge.

Written By smitty on June 15th, 2007 @ 5:38 pm

Um, Smitty. There might have not been laws when your ancestors arrived, but there were the original american citizens called the Native Americans, which your ancestors slaughtered. As for the mexicans, just remember that Texas was Mexico, the border was moved back 100’s of miles south when the U.S. purchased it from Mexico.

Written By Din on June 18th, 2007 @ 7:44 pm

I’m not typing this statement as a latino inmigrant but as a citizen of the Earth. we all mankind still being too young for the meaning of life. the only thing I know is that GOD made Earth for everyone of living creatures. what we do is wrong and that’s why thinks like global warming appears, not just because the immigrant problems but this is just one of them. God lets us do what we want and that’s how we are going to destroy ourselves.

Written By juan hernandez on June 25th, 2007 @ 1:12 pm

Most people who are against immigrants just dont know that immigration is lower now than it was in 1900s. The only difference is that there are much less Europeans and more brown people. We all know how immigrants take advantage of opportunities.(unlike people who are born in America and take things for granted) This year they might be cleaning your hotel, next year they will own it.The year after that you will be working for them. White people, Puerto Ricans, Black Americans just sit back and enjoy your welfare because educated people know that immigrants DONT qualify for that shit. Immigrants work harder and pay more taxes.(32 billion in taxes) People who are fighting against immigrants are fighting to cut off their right arms.

Written By K POW on July 4th, 2007 @ 8:40 pm

I, personally am very tired of paying Uncle Sam to support illegal immigrants. For some of you to understand this perspective I must first tell my story and reveal the information that I have researched.
I am a married white woman and I work for a living. I pay Uncle Sam $531 per month out of my pay checks and I support my family of 4(myself, 2 children and my disabled husband). Now for those of you that can do the math, that translates to a VERY low income for a family of 4. The company that I work for pays my insurance but it does not pay for or contribute to the insurance of my children or my husband (they are not insured). I attempted to enroll my children and husband into the medicade system but they were refused. Meanwhile, the woman sitting next to me in the Medicade office, an attractive Mexican woman with a small child was accepted. I observed the entire process. I watched her hand the woman behind the table an obviously fake SS card and tell her income (or supposed lack there of). She wore more jewelry and gold than I could ever afford even if I didn’t have children. Long story short: American citizens are suffering so that the illegal immigrants may have the health care and benefits that our government hands out so precariously.
My husband is dying. Soon I will be a widow and all that is needed is health benefits to save his life. His medications alone are over $600 per month and he goes without them most of the time because after keeping a roof over our heads, the money is just not there to buy the meds.
All that the government looks at in this situation is bottom line and minority benefits. I am sure that I could get him the insurance that he needs if I used the social security numbers of others or made up fake ones but I am sure that it would be red flagged as I do not fit the proper “profile” to do such a thing. (btw: health department workers in NC are not allowed to report illegal immigrants or report fake SS numbers to immigration).
Basically, if you think that our nation is not suffering for the illegal immigration factors, take a look around you and wake up. Have you ever visited your local health department? Have you ever been in true need and been rejected so that those with no rights have more rights than you? Doesnย’t this make AMERICANS (black, white, purple, green – who cares) the slaves to another nation? I know this may all sound very harsh. But tell me, how would you feel? What should I tell my children when they ask me why daddy is so sick? We can’t afford the insurance for him and the one place that is out there to help, won’t. All because the ones allowing it are ones that will never hold this type of hardship and lack the ability to understand it.

Oh, and by the way, most of my family was immigrants (during WW1) to this country, all of which became LEGAL citizens. The rest were American Indians. I have no pity for those who are too stupid or lazy to do things the right way.

Written By Jamie on July 11th, 2007 @ 12:38 pm

There isn’t a country in the world, who would let illegals in, like the USA does. If anyone wants to come to this country, they need to do it legally. I’m so sick of hearing about the Mexican drug cartel and how they are kidnapping people and murdering people across the border. They have taken over towns and now the tourist spots in Mexico. By letting illegals get away with sneaking into our country, we are leaving ourselves wide open to terrorists as well as criminals. They also bring in children who are not vaccinated, and we are seeing diseases come back which were wiped out for years. I was a democrat, but no more. Obama, is the sorriest excuse for a President we’ve ever had. It’s not the color of his skin; it’s his inexperience, and his desire to keep the hispanic vote, even if it means leaving our borders unsecured. NO, everyone should NOT be able to come into this country and live off of legal taxpaying citizens. When our forefathers made the laws and wrote the Constitution, they had no way of knowing that 200 years later, this country would be falling apart because of some of those very laws. We have to draw the line somewhere, and get this country back on it’s feet. Our corporations which ran to Mexico, need to come home and provide jobs for our citizens. NO ONE is making Mexicans into slaves, and no one is ASKING them to come here, or do the jobs they do. We’ve made EVERY accommodation to the hispanics in this country, even to the point of having to PRESS 1 if we want ENGLISH? They come here, they need to speak the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. It’s ridiculous and it’s time to change a few of the old immigration laws, and ENFORCE the ones we have. Instead of being in Iraq, we should be in Mexico, which is right in our backdoor and a real threat to this nation, putting an end to the drug cartel and the illegals coming in.

Written By AuntieSocial1 on October 8th, 2010 @ 10:42 pm

In my poor English because yes I’m a Mexican nobody asked me to come here and that included my parents who didn’t asked me if I wanna como to this beautiful country with a lot of shity people! That hate Latinos because let’s be honest we all know u don’t give a S#^% if a Mexican have documents u still look at him as a web back cuz is about the skin color not about a SSN that’s all bs. But why gringos got so pissed off? Cuz a few Mexicans who used to cut their grass now are runing the companies and making money and they charge cheaper to do the job, well gues who we do the jobs for????? Ring ring Gringos ur own people is the one that don’t call John or Joseph landscaping any more now they call juan’s or jose’s Landscaping cuz same quality at better price so don’t blame on us for doing the job cheaper is ur own people who hire us and pay us for the job, and all what they say Jose I don’t care about ur status don’t ask don’t tell ๐Ÿ™‚ Come on don’t be hypocrites u guys are up for one thing and is money. Like I said nobody asked me if I wanna come they just brought me i can go back cuz I don’t know anybody and don’t have any family there so is it my fault to be in this country ilegaly? Will black people go back to Africa if they were asked to go back? Will white people do that to? I don’t think so. About the cartels in Mexico is something I agree that USA should help with cuz everybody knows gringos are the Number One consumer for Colombia and Mexico and thanks G. B. For sellIng all the guns to them.
When Obama became president a racist a#% hole at the store said thanks to all of you, illegal people we have a nigger as a president! I looked at him and replied u are a stupid recist ignorant I thought that anybody knew that illegal People can’t VOTE so the new Black president was chose by ur own people dumb a*% lol.
About English only, come on anybody who has been in Mexico can go anywhere and find English signs and we never complaint about that we get all the music and movies from US on English and we love watch them we open the doors of our country to all the crap us send us and we ll buy it.
The UDG in Gdl. Mex is the best university in Gdl, where just about every tapatio (gdl resident) wants to study, well gues what hundreds of mexicans (guys and girls) have to go to some other cheap ass schools cuz the UDG is full of gringos studing on the best school for a few dollars! A day funny isn’t it.
How about cancun, puerto vallarta or Acapulco Mex. Where 75% of the restaurants and hotels are own by guess??? Yes, Gringos lol making a lot of money and is not one or two thousands of you come to our country for bussiness living or visiting and we never complaint about.
All I wanna say is that I didn’t choose to come but I’m here and don’t know where to go am I a criminal for that? May be my parents did it wrong am I responsible for that? Because if yes u all gringos are killers cuz u all kill the native Indians but I’m not stupid and ignorant what ur people did in the past is not ur fault. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks marry christmas and God Bless AMERICA and USA.
A- Anglos
M- Mexicans
E- Englands
R- Ricans
I- Indians
C- Canadians
A- Afroamericans

Written By artogdl on December 1st, 2010 @ 11:16 am

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