Stop supporting the Troops

Letter to the Editor On the fourth anniversary of Mission Accomplished it’s clear that Bush has the war so screwed up that it’s not winnable. We don’t even know who the enemy is that and every day we are there we are hurting America. We elected the Democrats to get us out of Iraq, not […]

Mike Gravel

Letter to the Editor I watched the first debate between the Democratic candidates for president tonight not expecting to change my mind or be impressed by anyone. One of the candidates, Mike Gravel, was a name I never heard before. Although I liked what everyone who I knew said, I was really impressed with this […]

Time to cut off the money

Letter to the Editor I hope Bush does veto the Iraq funding and I hope that the Democrats refuse to send him another bill funding the occupation. Every dollar we put into Iraq makes America weaker and causes more soldiers to die for nothing. It’s time to end the denial and face reality. Why is […]

The War is Lost

Letter to the Editor I’m glad Senator Harry Reid finally admitted what most of us already know, that the Iraq war is lost. Republicans have challenged the Democrats saying that if Democrats really believe the war is lost then they should cut off funding now. I agree. Why should we spend another 100 billion dollars […]

We need a Peace Czar

Letter to the Editor Bush wants to hire a war czar to run his wars. But war isn’t working. What we need is a peace czar. The way I see it if Bush vetoes the spending bill with the deadlines then Congress should just refuse to send him another one. The war is lost. We […]

John McCain should do it

Letter to the Editor Presidential candidate Senator John McCain, a proponent of the war, says that Iraq is safe and said he would have walked through the Bab al-Sharqi market in Baghdad without the military protection that surrounded him last week when he was there. Last week he had 100 soldiers and several helicopters guarding […]

Talking to Syria

Letter to the Editor Bush doesn’t like it that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is talking to the president of Syria. But when you consider that Bush is wrong about everything he does then doing the opposite of what Bush wants makes it more likely that she has the right idea.