Every Day is Memorial Day

Letter to the Editor Memorial Day doesn’t seem any different than any other day because under Bush every day is Memorial Day.

News you’ll find everywhere but in America

Letter to the Editor You would think that news that Bush stole the 2004 election too would make the news. It did. But not here in America. The BBC broke the news as the top story about “voter caging” in the 2004 election. Caging is a way of massively disqualifying voters. It’s a go to […]

Democrats are being tested

Letter to the Editor The Democratic candidates claim to be against the Iraq war, but now they are facing the test. How are the going to vote on funding the war? Funding the war is the same as reauthorizing the war. You can’t be against the war and vote to fund it. And to give […]

Democrats and Republicans are both losers

Letter to the Editor Democrats and Republicans are both losers in this new agreement to fund the Iraq war. The Democrats are losers because the voters sent them there to end the war, not fund it. They are failing to do the one thing the voters wanted and failed to distinguish themselves from Republicans on […]

Bloggers are Replacing the News

Letter to the Editor Network news channels like ABC and CBS are wondering why they losing to war on news to the bloggers. The can’t understand why it is that their market share is dropping. Maybe it’s because they don’t know what news is. For example ABC and CBS have yet to report the power […]

Falwell is in a Better Place

Letter to the Editor With the passing of Reverend Jerry Falwell a lot of people are saying a lot of different things. Some people really liked him. Some people really hated him. But in this time of reflection on his life I think one thing that everyone can agree on is that Jerry Falwell is […]

Tony Blair cuts and runs

Letter to the Editor I think the reason that Tony Blair is resigning is that he can see that the Iraq war is about to melt down and he wants to be out of there so that it doesn’t happen while he is in charge. If Bush wants the war to not fail while he […]

Benchmarks ignore Reality

Letter to the Editor Bush and the Congress are talking about authorizing funding for Iraq based on “benchmarks” which require Iraq to accomplish certain feats to get continued funding. But on the eve of the Iraqi parliament starting a two month vacation we already know that Iraq isn’t going to meet the benchmarks. So why […]

War dragging Republicans Down

Letter to the Editor Republicans are in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to their war in Iraq. With the Iraqi parliament about to take a 2 month vacation it’s rather doubtful that they will be meeting the benchmarks that they seem to favor. On one hand Republicans don’t want to […]

Time for Democrats to Pull the Plug

Letter to the Editor In 2006 America elected the Democrats to shut down the war. We didn’t elect them to create political theater pretending to oppose the war while still passing the funding to sustain it. Now is the time when we’ll see if the Dems have what it takes to do what the voters […]