AT&T might hurt Apple IPhone saes in the long run

Everyone knows that when the IPhone comes out that it will sell faster than they can be supplied. However in the long run being tied to AT&T exclusively is going to hurt Apple because AT&T’s service sucks. A friend of mine from Missouri came to visit me here in the San Francisco area a few […]

More confusion for school systems

Letter to the Editor The announcement by Vice President Cheney that he is not part of the executive branch of government is going to be another burden on the school systems because text books will have to be rewritten. States that passed laws to remove evolution from science books and those who want to teach […]

Cheney above the law?

Letter to the Editor Vice President Cheney has declared that he doesn’t have to comply with executive orders and that he is not part of the executive branch of government. But what’s scares me more isn’t just the lawlessness of it all, but the fact that we Americans stand back and allow it to happen. […]

Eliminate Toll Booths to reduce Global Warming

Letter to the Editor These days everyone talks about ways to reduce carbon emissions to fight global warming. One simple way to cut carbon emissions is to eliminate toll roads and toll bridges. Toll collection requires people sit in traffic with their engines running generating useless smog while waiting in line to pay a tax. […]

Republican Candidates Backpedal on Faith

Letter to the Editor It was interesting to see the Republican candidates back pedal on their faith in the Bible. When asked if they literally believe that God created the world in 6 days thay all said that they didn’t know. To me that means that they don’t really believe in the Bible. The Bible […]

Why Gas Prices are so High

Letter to the Editor People are asking why gas prices are up $1.00 a gallon over last year. Some say it’s because there aren’t enough refineries. Some say it’s because China and India are using more gas. But the real reason gas is up is because last year was an election year and this year […]

Fedora 7 is a flop

Every time Fedora comes out with a new version the usual suspects all write about how wonderful it is. I’m not one of those people. I’m the kind of guy who puts the DVD in and install it on a real computer and see if it works. If it doesn’t, I slam it. So I […]