AT&T might hurt Apple IPhone saes in the long run

This post was written by marc on June 26, 2007
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Everyone knows that when the IPhone comes out that it will sell faster than they can be supplied. However in the long run being tied to AT&T exclusively is going to hurt Apple because AT&T’s service sucks.

A friend of mine from Missouri came to visit me here in the San Francisco area a few weeks ago. He has AT&T and I have Verizon. I used to have AT&T in 2003 but I switched because the service sucked. But I had wondered if 4 years later if it was as bad as it was then. it was.

Everywhere we went I had signal and Phil didn’t I remember that I used to have trouble getting calls in my apartment and he had the exact same problem. I can drive from san Francisco to San Jose down 280 and not lose the call. He can’t. We even hiked in Yosemite and for 2/3rds of the hike I has signal. He only had signal when he was at Yosemite Lodge. Town after town I could make calls and he couldn’t.

So even if the IPhone is great it’s only going to be as great as AT&T. If they can’t get signal then they can’t make calls or surf the web. IPhone users migh find that all they have is a fat calculator. It will be interesting to see if people are actually happy with it once they buy it.

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And remember, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T on January 31, 2006, accusing the telecom giant of violating the law and the privacy of its customers by collaborating with the National Security Agency (NSA) in its massive, illegal program to wiretap and data-mine Americans’ communications. See

Written By Stone Lobster on July 7th, 2007 @ 5:20 pm

Hey Marc, I’ll buy an iphone if you modify it for me to work all over the world like the 17 yr old did 🙂 🙂 Or better yet, hack a software unlock 😀

Written By Seajay on August 30th, 2007 @ 1:22 am

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