Monotheism vs. Monorealism

Working on some new terminology. Monorealism is the belief in one reality. That all things that are real are part of reality and that anything that isn’t part of reality is not real. In contrast monotheists and polytheists tend to believe in “other realities” which are “outside” of the world of science and are experienced […]

Of course Govzales is going to lie to Congress

Letter to the Editor People seem surprised when Attorney General Alberto Gonzales lies to Congress as if they expect him to tell the truth. Why should he tell the truth? After all, who is going to investigate him? The Justice Department? He is the Justice Department. And even if he were investigated, brought to trial […]

Extreme Pizza Sucks

Went to Extreme Pizza for lunch today. They advertise a lunch with a pizza with 2 toppings so I ordered a pizza with canadain bacon and pineapple. The told me that the canadian bacon counted as 2 toppings and had a list posted as to how many topping each topping counted as. I was going […]

Where do the candidates stand on Reality?

Letter to the Editor I believe the reason America is in trouble is that our leaders have turned their backs on reality, relying too much on faith instead. The candidates in both parties have stated how faith is part of their private and public lives. What I want to know is — where does reality […]

Disadvantages of some Open Source Software Projects

Asking a question on some open source support forums is sort of like this example where I will substitute asking directions to make a point. Although I support open source software, generally when you get a commercial product you don’t get the kind of attitude that you get in some free software discussion lists. This […]

Where’s the moral Outrage?

Letter to the Editor I remember in 1998 when President Clinton has an encounter with Monica Lewinski. Conservatives were outraged and demanded impeachment. Clinton lacked the moral integrity to be a public servant, they claimed, because he had committed “adultery”. The Neocons were salivating for a divorce saying that Hillary had to leave Bill for […]

Chertoff has gut feeling?

Letter to the Editor Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says he has “Gut Feeling” that terrorists are going to strike something this summer. I have a gut feeling that he’s just covering up for Bush and trying to distract attention away from the upcoming report that mo progress is being made in Iraq. My gut […]

Republicans Making Moral Comeback!

Letter to the Editor When Republicans held control of Congress in the 1990s the had occasional sex scandals with prostitutes and fathering children out of wedlock. But by 2006 Republican morality had sunk to a new low with conservatives like Reverend Ted Haggard having gay sex on methamphetamines and Republican Congressman Mark Foley trying to […]

Bush Kept his Promise

Letter to the Editor On September 30th 2003 Bush told reporters in Chicago, “If there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is. And if the person has violated the law, the person will be taken care of…” Today Bush made good on his promise and took care of […]

Supreme Court gets it right on Racism

Letter to the Editor I rarely agree with this new Supreme Court but the decision they made to make the nation more colorblind was the right decision. I’m old enough to remember when I was in the 4th grade when they stared busing kids around to schools far from their home to end segregation. I […]