Monotheism vs. Monorealism

This post was written by marc on July 30, 2007
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Working on some new terminology. Monorealism is the belief in one reality. That all things that are real are part of reality and that anything that isn’t part of reality is not real. In contrast monotheists and polytheists tend to believe in “other realities” which are “outside” of the world of science and are experienced through emotions generated by the imagination. Our “world” includes “everything that is real” and excludes everything that is not real. We may not know what is and isn’t real but our position is that whether or not we know it’s status, that everything that is real is real and everything that is not real is not real. There are no other states where something is real in “another world” or in a “different reality”. Our definition of reality would include all other realities that are actually real.

Monorealism also accepts the Sacred Principle of Scrutiny in that we apply the principles of science to determining what is and isn’t real. We might believe something is true that we can’t prove because we don’t know everything. But if we believe in something it’s because we have a reason to believe it’s real. it’s because we have some evidence, or a theory based on logic, or some mathematical model where at least the math works (string theory).

Monorealism excludes faith in that everything we believe in is subject to scrutiny. We have accepted that if we are proven wrong that we will change our minds. Faith excludes scrutiny and if you accept something based on faith then you are expected to continue to believe it no matter what.

Realists experience the world through understanding. We rely on logic, reason, wisdom, and scrutiny as the foundation of our beliefs. In contrast beliefs that require emotions and the imagination are not considered to be reliable.

We are monorealists who believe in monorealism because of our monorealistic point of view. Who likes this idea?

I also want to throw out another term I call “The Faith Paradox”. Two people from two different religions are in a room who both believe different things that are mutually exclusive. That can not both be right, but they can both be wrong. both have accepted their position based on faith which can’t be questioned. You are a realist listening to the claims of these two people. How do you determine who is correct?

For example, many Christians claim that you can only get to Heaven through Jesus. Muslims claim that you can only get to Heaven through Mohamed. Since both used the word “only” they are mutually exclusive. Since both want to convert me them how do I determine which one will get me to Heaven, if there even is Heaven?

The question really is – which one is real? How do we determine that using faith. Do we wait for the deity to speak to our heart (ie. use our emotions and imagination)? But both of these people did that can came to conflicting conclusions. One or both perhaps were influenced by Satan. But since each religion has a billion people then at least a billion of them failed to get accurate information using faith as a tool to determine reality. As an outside observer I would have to conclude that if I made my decision based on faith that there is at least a 50% chance that I will be wrong.

So – how does one determine the truth between two conflicting world views based on faith? Perhaps both people could pray to their deities and then have a contest with swords and the one who is victorious is the one with the stronger deity? But they’ve been running that test for centuries and the results are inconclusive. So what is left? The only way they can really determine who is correct is to turn to reality.

If one can prove scientifically that they are right then they win. But anything proven scientifically is part of the real world, the physical universe that does not require faith. So if people who have conflicting faiths want to determine what is real then they have to come home to reality.

So – let’s just skip the faith crap and start with reality? Ultimately they have to come to us bacause reality isn’t something that you can ignore forever. Reality doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it. Faith is like kicking a rock and imagining that you are punishing the rock when you are only hurting your own foot. It’s not about what you believe in, it’s about what’s real. Ultimately is about the one reality that we all share. That’s why I’m a monorealist.

Marc Perkel
First One
Church of Reality
“We believe in the one true reality!”

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