Funding the war is the same as voting for it

Letter to the Editor Democrats like to talk like they are against the war but now rumor has it that Bush wants another 50 billion dollars on top of another127 billion dollars that was anticipated that nill be requested this fall. If you vote to fund the war you are voting for the war. If […]

Gay Republican Larry Craig should Resign

Letter to the Editor In 1998 Republican Senator Larry Craig voted to impeach President Clinton over sex and perjury charges. Now Larry Craig has pleaded guilty to charges involving him attempting to have gay sex with an undercover police officer in the Men’s Room of an airport. Larry claims that he is not gay and […]

Bush’s Brain is Retiring

Letter to the Editor Carl Rove is knows as “Bush’s Brain”. Bush’s Brain is retiring at the end of the month. So what’s that supposed to mean for America? Considering Bush does everything wrong are we better off with his brain retired? America is in trouble.

Cheap Gas?

Letter to the Editor People in the news are talking about gas being “cheap” because it’s below $3.00 a gallon in some states. I remember when Clinton was president that cheap gas was 75 cents a gallon.

Democrats need Punishment

Dear fellow political radicals, I don’t know if you all all as livid as I am about last week’s vote to suspend the Constitution and allow the government to spy on us without a warrant as I am. If you are, I have a proposal. I call it operation political starvation and it’s a commitment […]

Congress Legalizes everything Bush Does

Letter to the Editor Every time Bush breaks the law Congress legalizes what he does. When Bush illegally tapped our phones Congress passed a law suspending the 4th Amendment. When Bush set up secret prison torture camps Congress legalized secret prison torture camps. I just wish Bush would start smoking Pot and visit a Hooker […]

We can only afford Bridges to Nowhere

Senator Ted Stevens had no trouble getting 250 million approved to build a bridge to nowhere in Alaska. What do you want to bet that getting 250 million to replace the bridge that collapsed in Minnesota will be far more difficult.

Congress votes away our Civil Liberites – Again!

Letter to the Editor – Tell me if I sound pissed off!! Some people object to the words “Under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance but tonight find the words “Liberty and Justice for all” even more offensive. Tonight Congress voted away our liberty so they could start their summer vacation without delay. They voted […]

Bush orders Congress tyo stay in session for more spying

Letter to the Editor Today Bush ordered Congress to stay in session till it passes a new spying law because the secret FISA court ruled Bush’s secret spying illegal. Just what we need – more Bush spying! Congress should do the same thing to Bush that Bush did when Congress issued subpoenas – ignore it. […]

Bridge Collapse – Something doesn’t add up

I am confused about the bridge collapse in Minnesota because it just doesn’t make sense to me that the whole thing just fell down instead of just one section. For the whole thing to just fall down like that makes the thing that the whole thing was rotten or rusted out or something. Logically if […]

Monorealism vs. Polyrealism

People often ask me what it is that’s different about the Church of Reality. The answer is, we are dedicated to real reality, the one true reality. What reality is the one true reality? It’s the real reality, the reality that really is real. It is the some total of everything that actually exists. No […]