Democrats need Punishment

This post was written by marc on August 14, 2007
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Dear fellow political radicals,

I don’t know if you all all as livid as I am about last week’s vote to suspend the Constitution and allow the government to spy on us without a warrant as I am. If you are, I have a proposal. I call it operation political starvation and it’s a commitment to refuse to donate any money to any politician until our rights are restored.

The law that was passed was like the Patriot Act where it was rushed through without and discussion as to what they were doing. This was done this time by the Democrats who could have just told Bush to go fuck himself but instead voted to give him powers for 6 months that are clearly unconstitutional. Two weeks ago they were talking about impeaching Gonzales for the very thing they just legalized. It’s a level of insanity that just makes my skin crawl.

This law will last at least 6 months after which there will be a push to make it permanent. And the Democrats have already demonstrated that they are total pussies when it comes to asserting anything. They talk like they are against what Bush is doing yet all they have to do to stop Bush is to stop voting for things Bush wants.

What they say means absolutely nothing. It’s how they vote that counts. Since this law lasts 6 months none of them, and I mean NONE will get a dime from me as long as my rights are suspended. If the law expires without being renewed then I will contribute again. However, we need to make a very strong statement and they have to feel it and this is 2007 and not an election year and I don’t see where withholding money is going to make the difference in next years election. Except that what would be the point of electing Democrats if they are going to vote like Republicans.

What I’m looking for is to start a movement and call it “Operation Political Starvation” (unless someone has a better name) where people of all parties refuse to make any political contribution while our rights are suspended. In particular Democrats need to feel it.

I had someone call me yesterday from the DSCC wanting me to give them money to elect Democrats to the Senate. I told her NO FUCKING WAY and made it clear why. She admitted that she was hearing that a lot so there is support out there for this kind of idea.

Yes – it is weird for me to advocate hurting Democrats when the Republicans are pure evil. However if the Republicans control the Democrats which appears to be the case based on HOW THEY VOTE, what is the difference. This is 2007, not 2008 and we have some time here to turn the Democrats around and they best way I can think of is if it makes the news that Democrats are withholding funds until Democrats vote with the voters. When we elected them in 2006 we sent a message that we want change and all we are getting is lip service. That isn’t good enough. We need to put the hurt on them. So I’m advocating that we stop giving for 6 months and see how they vote when it comes time to renew this law.

There is a level of insanity that I can not support and the Democrats have reached it. It is time that use who have blogs take a stand for civil liberties while we still have them.

What I have in mind is to boycot and save any contributions to any Democrat. Starve them out. If they don’t renew the law in 6 months and protect the Constitution then we can give them the money. If they don’t then we can give the money to the ACLU or EFF.

There is an old saying in the news business. “Never pick a fight with a guy who buys ink by the barrel. I have a new version of that. “Never pick a fight with a blogger who buys data by the terabyte.” I’m using about 8 terabytes a month and I want to dedicate some of it to turning this insanity around.

So – who likes this idea?

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Stop giving your money to the dems and give it to Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gavel instead.

Written By seajay on August 14th, 2007 @ 4:00 pm

I’m saying the same thing to Republican solicitations. No money until they start acting like Republicans.

Written By Jason on August 15th, 2007 @ 9:31 am

Give your money to Ron Paul, the last rational Republican left.

Your idea seems like it won’t make much of an impact unless you can publicize more of just this one website.

Written By Gary on August 15th, 2007 @ 10:52 pm

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