Larry Craig vs. David Vitter – There is a difference

This post was written by marc on September 5, 2007
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Even though Liberals / Democrats / Homosexuals want to put a homophobic spin on the issue that Craig was kicked out and Vitter wasn’t, I’m not sure I can agree entirely.

Yes – Republicans hate gays. So a gay trist is different than a straight trist in the Republican party. So because Republicans hate gays then they have to toss their gay members.

Having said that, Vitter did is deed in private, behind closed doors. Craig was in a public rest room and the difference is that do we want gay guys cruising public rest rooms for sex? Rest rooms are a plact to go for the bathroom. It’s not a gay bar. I don’t want people looking at me through the cracks in the stalls trying to make eye contact with me.

Public sex is different than private sex in that you are subjecting people to your sex acts who don’t want to be involved. That includes heterosexual public sex as well. So if you get caught by police having public sex then that’s a crime and as long as it is a minor crime and just something involving a fine I don’t have a problem with law enforcement protecting our restrooms.

Having said that, Republicans claim that they clean up their party and have superior morals. Vitter admitted that he had contact with a prostitute. Craig pleaded guilty. To me that’s the same thing because if a senator admits to a crime that’s politically the same as pleading guilty. So the Republicans should either kick out Vitter or they should quit bragging about their superior morals. By keeping David Vitter on board they are saying that sex with prostitutes is acceptable to the Republican Party.

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