Launching the Reality Revolution

This post was written by marc on September 15, 2007
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

I’m launching the Reality Revolution from the Church of ReThe image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.ality. The Reality Revolution is somewhat of a fad. It’s a cult without a creed. What is the Reality Revolution about? The name says it all. But I’m not going to define it. What does reality revolution mean to you? When you figure that out then ask yourself if you want to be part of it. You show your support for the Reality Revolution by wearing the symbols and creating new images that people want to use on their web sites and turn into things to wear.

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I’m picturing it sort of like a teen movement. A way to state you are kool. That you are into the reality thing. Someone who uses their brain and like to think. So I’ve registered the domain name and looking for someone to start a web site there. Since I started the Church of Reality I’m thinking that the Reality Revolution should be run by someone else. So I’m open to ideas about what people have in mind.

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