Plan to get rid of Harry Reid as Senate Leader

This post was written by marc on September 24, 2007
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I am initiating a plan to try to get Harry Reid to step down as Senate Majority Leader and to replace him with someone who has balls, like Jim Webb or Russ Feingold. I’m also thinking about the same for Nancy Pelosi being replaced with John Murtha but not quite there yet.

Reid is a dismal failure. I think he’s trying to out-stupid Bush and he’s succeeding. It’s time for him to go. So the plan is to make as much noise about this as possible – get noticed – and force him out. We need to go into the 2008 election ready for battle and Harry Reid is not up to the task.

The last straw was allowing a vote against condeming the truth that General Betray Us is a Bush puppet who is hiding behind the uniform to cover Bush’s political ass. It is not the place of the Senate to condemn free speec. It was stupid beyond belief and I just can’t stand the mother fucker any more. So it’s time for Reid to go! To do that we need to get some attention. Here’s what I recommend.

  1. Since the Democratic led Senate attacked MoveOn we should get thousands of people to write MoveOn and ask that they initiate a call for Reid to step down. I think that MoveOn is strong enough to topple Reid if they make the call to do so. The person to email is
  2. Stop giving money to Democrats and give your money to instead. Let the Dems know that you are on the side of MoveOn and that they will have to get rid of Reid before they get any of your money.
  3. Write letters to the editor that call for Harry Reid to step down.
  4. Post messages on high traffic liberal web sites like Daily Kos to demand Reid step down and get others involved.
  5. If attending political rallies start a chant, Move On – Move On – Move On – Move On. to let the candidates know that you are on the side of MoveOn and that you deplore the Senate vote against MoveOn.
  6. Call your senator and call Harry Reid’s office and harass them until they demand Reid step down. Phone numbers can be found at Reid’s Washington numbers are: Phone: 202-224-3542 / Fax: 202-224-7327.
  7. Link to this page from your blog and/or copy it to your blog
  8. Call members of the news media about this.
  9. Make a donation to

How important is this? You would think that Democrats could easily beat the Republicans next year like they did in 2006. However Democrats are proving to the world that they are far too weak and stupid to lead. We have to have leaders who are both strong and smart and Harry Reid just doesn’t cut it. So this is really important because why elect Democrats who vote the same way as Republicans do and condemn those who would speak out against the war.

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