No more Unqualified Attorney Generals

Letter to the Editor  Now that we have finally gotten rid of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales the last thing we need is a new Attorney General who doesn’t know if the President has to obey the law and doesn’t know if waterboarding is torture. If you are going to be the nations top law enforcement […]

Left Coast Culture

Letter to the Editor  A lot of people like to ridicule people who live on the “left coast” but perhaps the response to the San Diego wildfires will change their minds about us. Although people like to think of Californians as a bunch of Pot smoking hippies, I think that we have shown the nation […]

McCain says Bin Laden message a sign of success?

Letter to the Editor Republican presidential candidate John McCain says that the latest Osama bin Laden message is “a clear sign that we are succeeding in Iraq”. I think the fact that Osama is still making videos is a clear sign that we are focusing on the wrong enemy. (Hint to Republicans – Osama isn’t […]

Pelosi doesn’t understand Priorities

Letter to the Editor If Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had been focused on passing children’s health insurance (SCHIP) instead of what was happening in Turkey 90 years ago we might have health care for children. I think that a leader need to have a concept of priorities and understand that the present and […]

How to make Open Source software not Suck

The Problem: Ever wonder why Windows and Mac application tend to install and “just work” and Linux applications don’t? Is it because Windows and OS-X is a superior operating system? I think not. When it comes to the raw power of the operating system I don’t think anyone would seriously call Linux inferior. Most experts […]

Presidential Candidates are Abusing God

Letter to the Editor I have a real problem with candidates who are abusing God for political purposes. I am an Atheist but even as an Atheist I can see that if I were a believer that to use God for political advantage is disrespectful of the deity they claim to believe in. I would […]

Pelosi trying to out stupid Bush Again

Letter to the Editor I fail to see why Nancy Pelosi is wasting time trying to pass a congressional resolution about what happened in Turkey 90 years ago. Even if a million Armenians were slaughtered in World War 1 nearly a century ago why should we be dealing with it now when all those who […]

My MySQL Story – the dark side of Open Source

In order to spread the load and increase capacity I was trying to move the MySQL server to another computer with the main server handling the web and the second server running the MySQL database. Even though I have 8 gigs of ram in the main server every now and then for some reason I […]

Al Gore for VP – Congrats on the Nobel Prize

Letter to the Editor  I want to congratulate Al Gore for his well deserved Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe we will be able to solve the global warming problem before it’s too late because of Al Gore’s work. Many people are trying to push Al Gore to run for president but I think it’s too late […]

Bush good for the Paranoid

Letter to the Editor   Five years ago when Congress voted to authorize the use of force against Iraq only us paranoid conspiracy theorists thought that Bush was obsessed with going to war, that he was lying, and that he would get us bogged down in a never ending occupation. In the past paranoid people like […]

Hillary stands up to Democratic Insiders

Letter to the Editor One requirement of being a good president is to be a leader rather than a follower. Hilary Clinton is such a leader. Barak Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, and Joe Biden caved into internal party pressure and took their names of the ballot in the Michigan primary. The Democratic party insiders […]

Yet Another Secret Torture Memo

Letter to the Editor Bush was again defending his torture policy after it turns out that there were secret memos to keep on torturing after he had issued public orders not to torture. Of course he can’t reveal the secret memos because they are after all secret. Bush says, “this government does not torture people.” […]

Larry Craig – Welfare for Comedians?

Letter to the Editor Republican Senator Larry Craig, who had pleaded guilty to charges related to an apparent attempt to pick up an under cover officer for gay bathroom sex, decided today not to resign from the Senate. His bid to withdraw his guilty plea was denied. And all this after the Republicans were bragging […]

Children’s Health Care and Family Values

Letter to the Editor It’s going to be interesting to see how Republicans that they are the “Family Values” party when they deny sick children health care. It’s almost like they are deliberately trying to lose the election. Seems like the Republicans are going to have some “spainin” to do.

Britney vs. war with Iran

Letter to the Editor America is about to go to war with Iran and the main story in the news is about Britney Spears. How pathetic is that?

George Carlin – Who owns you Americans?