Pelosi trying to out stupid Bush Again

This post was written by marc on October 15, 2007
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Letter to the Editor

I fail to see why Nancy Pelosi is wasting time trying to pass a congressional resolution about what happened in Turkey 90 years ago. Even if a million Armenians were slaughtered in World War 1 nearly a century ago why should we be dealing with it now when all those who committed this genocide are all dead?: Turkey could pass a resolution that what America did to the Cherokee Indians was genocide. What difference does it make now?

You would think that there are plenty of issues that she could be working on in the here and now like children’s health insurance and ending the genocides in Iraq and Darfur. I think Pelosi is trying to show that she is even dumber than Bush is and I think it’s time Democrats impeach her so we can get someone in to impeach Bush.

Here’s an audio recording of me calling Pelosi’s office.

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