McCain says Bin Laden message a sign of success?

This post was written by marc on October 23, 2007
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Letter to the Editor

Republican presidential candidate John McCain says that the latest Osama bin Laden message is “a clear sign that we are succeeding in Iraq”. I think the fact that Osama is still making videos is a clear sign that we are focusing on the wrong enemy. (Hint to Republicans – Osama isn’t in Iraq.) I would say the fact that Bush is asking for another 46 billion dollars to fund the occupation is a clear sign that we are NOT succeeding in Iraq.

The problem with Republicans like McCain is that they no longer have any idea what success is anymore. I remember when the “Republican wing of the Republican Party” stood for less government and balanced budgets. The word “surplus” never crosses the lips of Republicans anymore and peace and prosperity are referred to as using the “P” words. With oil approaching $100 a barrel and the national debt approaching 10 trillion dollars I think that we should be looking for a president who at least understands what success is because what Republican’s call success is destroying America.

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