It depends on what your definition of CHANGE is

Letter to the Editor All of the Democratic candidates are running on the platform that they will bring change. But what change means varies from candidate to candidate. For example, if you elect Obama or Edwards change means that they are going to be different because they have never done this before and are “Washington […]

Barry Bonds should have outed a CIA Agent

Letter to the Editor It’s too bad for Barry Bonds because he was indicted and charged with perjury and obstruction of justice for lying to a grand jury about the use of steroids. Instead of lying about using performance enhancing drugs if he had lied about leaking the name of undercover CIA agents he could […]

New Torturer Confirmed

Letter to the Editor Now that Congress has just confirmed an Attorney General who refuses to say that waterboarding is torture all I ask if if this guy turns out like Gonzales then PLEASE don’t insult me by acting surprised.

$100 a barrel oil

Letter to the Editor I remember two years ago when oil hit $50 a barrel and I said just wait till Bush gets the price of oil up to $100 a barrel. My friends said no way would oil ever get to $100 a barrel. But here we are at $100 a barrel. But this […]

Could America become a dictatorship like Pakistan?

Letter to the Editor What concerns me most about the “state of emergency” in Pakistan, where Musharraf has seized power and suspended their constitution, is that it makes me wonder if it could happen here in America. What process does America have in place to prevent Bush, or even a president Hillary, from doing the […]

McCain sells out on torture – again …

Letter to the EditorĀ  I can’t understand John McCain’s support of Bush’s nominee Michael Mukasey for Attorney General. When Mukasey was asked about a torture technique called waterboarding he evaded the question acting like he didn’t know what waterboarding was. McCain on the other hand clearly knows what waterboarding is and says that it clearly […]

Edwards and Obama using Republican Tactics

Letter to the Editor I watched the Democratic debate Tuesday and I’m not impressed with candidates that use personal and phony attacks. I think Edwards in particular and Obama to a lesser extent are behaving more like Republicans than Democrats. If a candidate can’t win on the merits of their position and their record then […]