Could America become a dictatorship like Pakistan?

This post was written by marc on November 4, 2007
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Letter to the Editor

What concerns me most about the “state of emergency” in Pakistan, where Musharraf has seized power and suspended their constitution, is that it makes me wonder if it could happen here in America. What process does America have in place to prevent Bush, or even a president Hillary, from doing the same thing? What would happen if Bush decided to declare a state of emergency and suspend our constitution? Would the military enforce it? Would we become a dictatorship like Pakistan is or Iraq was under Saddam?

We live in a time where the most crazy paranoid conspiracy theorists are often proven right. I want to know what would America do. I think it’s time Americans started asking questions about what prevents this from happening here.

(I didn’t write this letter. Space aliens put a chip in my brain and forced me to write it.)

Here’s an article from the Arkansas Free Press about this issue.

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