America supports yet another dictator

Letter to the Editor When will we ever learn? Pakistan is a dictatorship. The current president Musharraf took power in a coup and when their Supreme Court ruled he could not continue to serve as president he kicked them out and appointed his own Supreme Court who now agrees with him. Now after the only […]

Time for a woman to be president

Letter to the Editor For thousands of years women have been relegated to second tier status in world societies. Many cultures look at women as property of men that same way that cattle are considered men’s property. In Arab countries women are not allowed to drive cars to travel without the permission of male relatives […]

Thank You for Remembering what being an American is

Letter to the Editor I want to thank Chris Dodd who put aside his presidential campaign to come back to Washington to stop the Republicans and week Democrats like Harry Reid from selling out our freedom allowing the government to spy on us without warrants. With stories of spying and torture being revealed I was […]

This election is about who is most qualified

Letter to the Editor ¬†As much Obama wants to play down the experience issue the bottom line is that experience really does count. And we know that the last time that the Clintons were in the white house that we had peace and prosperity. It was a time when the big economic issue was “how […]

Why America is no longer respected

Letter to the Editor Just a little over a month ago Bush said, “If Iran had a nuclear weapon, it’d be a dangerous threat to world peace. So I told people that if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested” in ensuring Iran not gain the capacity […]

Romney Insults Reality Based Community

Letter to the Editor I just listened to Mitt Romney’s speech on religion and I found it offensive from my point of view. Romney was specifically exclusive of the Reality Based Community while trying to make his religion part of the religious insider club. Specifically he put down secular society in a way that shows […]