This election is about who is most qualified

This post was written by marc on December 7, 2007
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Letter to the Editor

¬†As much Obama wants to play down the experience issue the bottom line is that experience really does count. And we know that the last time that the Clintons were in the white house that we had peace and prosperity. It was a time when the big economic issue was “how are we going to spend the surplus?” There are a lot of morons in Washington who never manage to get anything done. Hillary is not one of them. When someone does it right we need to reward them by voting for them again. I’m ready to go back to the days when the surplus was the problem.

The next president is going to have a lot of things to fix and there isn’t room for error. We have a president now who doesn’t know what he’s doing. So for those of you who want change I say we change from clueless to experienced and go with the person who has the best track record. So I’m supporting Hillary Clinton because I believe that she is clearly the person best qualified for the job.

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