Thank You for Remembering what being an American is

This post was written by marc on December 17, 2007
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Letter to the Editor

I want to thank Chris Dodd who put aside his presidential campaign to come back to Washington to stop the Republicans and week Democrats like Harry Reid from selling out our freedom allowing the government to spy on us without warrants. With stories of spying and torture being revealed I was beginning to think that everyone in Congress had forgot what it was to be an American. It is about time that someone stood up to Bush and the sell out Democrats who want to sign away our freedom so they can start their Christmas vacation.

Finally someone gets it that America is heading towards becoming like Nazis and that it take a hero to stand before the Senate and say no more! I was going to vote for Hillary and she will probably make the best president. But even though it will be a waste of my vote I’m going to vote for Chris Dodd because he has earned my highest respect. Although Obama and Clinton supported Dodd, Dodd is the one who flew to Washington to make it happen. Maybe the rest of the Democrats will wake up and stop funding the Iraq occupation.

Interesting – CNN’s coverage doesn’t even mention what Dodd did. MsNBC has no story on it at all. Not even in the Politics section. Amazing!!!

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